Looking for parents who ask grown kids to move out



I am a mom and a freelance writer for CBS Moneywatch. I am looking for a parent who asked an adult child to move out - set a deadline or just asked the kid to leave - and did this successfully - ie, you still have a relationship with the child and it all worked out.

Thanks in advance.


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I don't know if you'd consider it "asking". My son was 22, he had FINALLY held a full time job for a while. He and his sister would argue constantly. One morning he started arguin with her at around 5 AM. I was in the livingroom with a migraine, I said that's it, you have until the end of next month to move out. Preferrably the end of this month, but for sure by the end of next month!

Three years later (and actually even when he moved out) we have a great relationship. He really grew up once he moved out. He decided the full time job he had wasn't what he wanted so he went back to college, and will graduate in May with a AA in Law Enforcement!!! He go married a year later,and has also bought a house.


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