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Childhood games...Jacks

13 years ago

Last night I gave my 9 y/o GD a set of jacks...she had no clue what they were. I sat on the floor and showed her how to play. My 13 y/o GS was amazed. I got my set out for him to play. Both of them were at it until bedtime. They love it, said it was a cool game.

So, when you played jacks, did you have many different games. I remember regular jacks, then I think it was called Birdie, up-up's, up-down's, down-up's, down-down's and last was wash the dishes-dry the dishes-put the dishes away.

Do you remember any more? DH said he never heard of all these games, just regular jacks.

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  • Marilyn_Sue
    13 years ago

    I have heard of jacks, but never played it. My Mother knew how to play it.


  • JoAnn_Fla
    13 years ago

    I can't remember how it was played. You can still find jacks at the Dollar tree though. Here's some games below

    Here is a link that might be useful: How to play Jacks

  • evatx
    13 years ago

    My sister and I played jacks all the time, and I was excellent at it. I could play for hours without mssing any or dropping the ball. Remember the game where instead of tossing the ball up, you dropped it with your palm down and had to pick up the jacks really quickly? Clear as mud?*LOL* That was harder.

  • marilyn_c
    13 years ago

    I loved playing jacks...and I know there were different games, but I don't remember the names of them. We were easily entertained back then, weren't we? ;)

  • zeetera
    13 years ago

    I used to love playing jacks but the only variation I remember was trying to pick each one up without disturbing the others (or is that the normal way to play?)

    Oh, then the one where you pick up one, then two, etc. Used to hate playing with the rubber balls, but liked playing with golf balls.

  • casey_nfld
    13 years ago

    I never played jacks and didn't know anyone who played but we did have some when I was a kid.....just lumped in with all the other junky little toys we had.

  • minnie_tx
    13 years ago

    I played when I was a little girl but was not very good t it. I preferred bouncing ball games like 1 2 3 o"Leary or A my name is
    Husbands name is
    childrens name is
    live in
    they all had to start with the same letter each time bouncing the ball and raising leg over it.

  • wanda_va
    13 years ago

    I loved jacks...and was very good at playing them. It's a shame that kids nowadays don't have some of the fun games that we played.

  • ruthieg__tx
    13 years ago

    Jacks were big in our home too..even my brothers played and my Mother and Aunt would play with us.

  • glenda_al
    13 years ago

    Love playing jacks on the sidewalk in front of the house.

    And what about hop scotch?

  • jannie
    13 years ago

    I had several sets of jacks when I was little but was never very good at it. I remember Onesies, twosies, but that's about it. I think there were several rhymes or poems you would recite. I'll look at the link above. Thanks for the memory!

  • barb_from_pa
    13 years ago

    We always played jacks, too. And now, looking back from a teacher's perspective, I wish kids still played them. What a great activity to help develop hand/eye coordination.

    Also remembering hopscotch, redlight, release, jumping rope, riding bikes, roller skating on the street (skates with a skate key), and building great stuff in the sandbox. My best friend and I also had stilts we would use to walk around the neighborhood. How funny.

  • jackie_ok
    13 years ago

    I loved jacks when I was a little girl. Some of the games I remembered are eggs in a basket and pigs in the pen.

  • lilliepad
    13 years ago

    I loved Jacks! In fact I was pretty much Jacks champion in my group.I could play for hours! A couple of years ago I played with my DGD and I'm still pretty good at it if I do say so myself.My biggest problem now is getting down on the floor.Well,getting down not so hard but getting up,a whole different story!LOL Fun Game.
    Another one we enjoyed was Pick Up Stix.I still have mine from the 50's.

  • carol_in_california
    13 years ago

    I quickly learned to make sure I picked up ALL the dad used to walk around in his stocking feet and I was in big trouble if he stepped on a jack.
    Great game for hand-eye coordination.

  • maybee_gw
    13 years ago

    There was one game (can't remember what we called it) where you clapped your hands before picking up the jacks..then, there was "around the world" where you picked up the jack and moved it around the ball while it was in the air then letting it bounce once and catching....we played for hours...have you ever stepped on one of those little metal suckers bare foot?

  • kathi_mdgd
    13 years ago

    I loved jacks,and we played all the time.Sometimes we had to use little pebbles for the jacks and golf balls for the ball.We were poor,BUT we didn't realize it.

  • cheryl_ok
    Original Author
    13 years ago

    The 2 G-kids are grabbing the jacks every minute they get free. They love it. They both say it is better than game-boys!
    I'm going to buy them pick up sticks next, bet they love that game also.
    Kathi, we never had real jacks either (learned at a friends house) we used pebbles and what ever little ball we could find...great memories!

  • marilyn_c
    13 years ago

    We played hop scotch and pick up stix too. I didn't play marbles though...although I collect them now, and have literally hundreds of them....probably 25 big jars full.

  • leel
    13 years ago

    Nobody's mentioned potsy! Or was that only in NYC?

  • soxxxx
    13 years ago

    eggs in the basket
    fast piggies
    ups and downs
    around the world
    frying eggs
    turning eggs
    double bounce
    and do not forget to toss the ball and pat the playing surface after every series.

    That is how the 4th and 5th grade girls taught me when I was in the 1st grade.

  • Sally Brownlee
    13 years ago

    anybody remember playing Solitary with a REAL deck of Cards??
    I have several sisters and we used to play speed solitary. Anybody ever do that? You sit facing each other (2, 3 or 4 players) each with your own you get your aces to lay in the middle, anybody can play on it. It gets to be very, very fast-paced! And strategic towards the end when you are waiting for one or two cards to turn much fun!
    and...jacks, redlight/greenlight, mother may I, simon says, lincoln logs, jigsaw puzzles...

  • danihoney
    13 years ago

    Salgal, my grandma and I used to play "double solitare". It must be what you're talking about. Only we played with two decks shuffled together. We had so much fun.

    I remember jacks too, but I'm pretty sure they left the house after the first time my dad stepped on one. He was always throwing our toys away.

    Sometime around the fifth or sixth grade, we had something called Chinese Jacks. I think that's what they were called. I LOVED them. They were super popular among my friends. They were small plastic rings of different colors. You could snap them together so you had about four rings around one. You could create your own color combinations too. You played with then just like regular Jacks only no ball, you just tossed one up then picked up the others. We played all the time, and we would trade colored rings with each other. It was great.

    I also remember
    pogo sticks
    lemon twists
    roller skates
    hula hoops
    wiffle ball
    playing in the creek
    climbing trees
    climbing up on my roof and throwing cherries
    at the kid next door ( who was on his roof throwing small lemons).

    I was never in the house, and didn't have a lot of adult supervision.

  • Rudebekia
    13 years ago

    We seemed to jump rope endlessly. Great exercise, I'm sure! I perfected Double Dutch. A number of years ago a childhood friends and I had a great time recalling and writing down all our jump rope songs and chants--there were lots of them--and we found others doing the same online. Interesting how they varied by region.

  • bengardening
    13 years ago

    I was in a dollar store on Saturday and I saw jacks and they brought back many memories. The ones I saw were not the same as we played with though. They looked flat on one side with a projection on the other side. The only game I remember was where you put your left cupped hand on the floor so you made a cave and they you had to push the jacks into it and I dont remember what it was called.

  • minnie_tx
    13 years ago

    My family always played Solataire. We did play double with two decks and my mom was the queen of flying fingers. Sometimes we would play on Aces and other time draw a card for the middle of the table and play on tht. We would have tournaments with about 4 or 5 of us playing on eachother aces or whatever. I really miss those times!! Thanks for the memory .