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Brothers fighting and arguing all the time . . .

22 years ago

I have four boys aged 14, 13, 11 & 9. We are in the middle of our summer break - they don't go back to school until the very end of January.

My problem with them at the moment is really getting me down. They are constantly at each other. It's just niggle, niggle, niggle. They have also become very disrespectful to each other, call each other names - dumb, fat, stupid - where do they get this from? We don't say things like that to them! And needless to say - none of them are dumb OR fat!

I intend to hold a family meeting today to discuss this. Does anyone have any suggestions for me before I do this? I try to do things positively - they earn computer time through good behaviour and getting their jobs done etc. But even that chart has got more lines on it than ticks at the moment.

They normally don't get this way with each other until alot closer to the end of the holidays LOL This is far too soon.

Any suggestions gratefully received . .



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