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Doctor's office advice

19 years ago

I was reminded of this yet again when I took my 3 sick kids to the doctor's office this week.

If you don't want your kids to catch an illness they didn't already have when they came in, do not let your kids play with the toys or unneccessarily touch things like the chairs in the doctor's office. Don't let your kids play with the other kids in the office even if you have to be a big meany and tell other kids to stay away.

No one ever warned me, I think that's where ds #1 caught RSV when he was 7 months old because I let him pull up and walk around furniture. My friend's child got hand, foot, and moth disease from another child whose mommy let her come over and play. Yet another friend's baby got sick because while he was there for a well baby checkup a grandma told her sick grandchild to go play with the well baby.

If anyone has any other advice or comments feel free to add it here.

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