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Help On How I Can Get My Grown Son Back In My Life

8 years ago

I'm a single mom of 4 boys. I raised them their entire lives with very little help from their abusive alcoholic father. Their now grown with families of their own. My youngest son wich is now 20 years old and hasn't spoke to me in 2 years because of the lifestyle I chose to live. My children and I were always close while they were growing up we played everyday when. I got off work. The best years of my life was when we were all together and happy. Even though we were 5 different people we felt a if we were 1, I never missed a baseball, basketball or football game. They were very happy young boys growing up. But now my youngest son refuses to give me a reason why he has disowned me as his mother. I know I wasn't a perfect parent but I never went to clubs, never drank, and never drugs of any kind. I've called his cell phone but hardly even get a 'hello' and when he does answer and.realizes it's me he hangs up. I leave voice nails telling him how much I miss and love him but he calls his older brother to tell him to tell me to stop calling an texting him. As hard as it was I forced myself to back away and give him his space I surely didn't want to pressure him only to make him more angry. I've repeataly asked my 23 year old (since they are very close)to at talk to him least and try to understand why he feels the way he does about me, but he just ignores him, I'll never give up hope that God will bring him back to me or at least let me know why he feels such hate for me so we can hopefully work on it. I cry daily knowing he's not even a mile away but I can't hug him or even know what h looks like now only in pictures. This has really got to me so bad that I feel myself starting to get depressed. Please Please can anyone give me some positive advice on what I can do ? I've tried many options but decided to post on here hoping someone out there can help me. I miss my son so much. God Bless You and thank you for taking time to read this.

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