Christmas Cards?


Hi everyone,

I am trying to get some christmas cards made but I seem to be in a slump. Any creative ideas out there you care to share.



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I am making mine to look like gift tags that have rubber stamped Christmas lights on them that have been embossed with gold powder. They are cut out of red card stock with a Sizzex die cut of the gift tag, then all around the edge I used the Krylon gold pen. On the back I put our sentiment typed on to a return address label. Since I send out 100 cards, I've been working on them VERY slowly since August. This way I'm not bored or stressed for time. This is the first time I actually learned from my procrastination! I'm enjoying the process this year. Please share with us; what did you all do for this year's cards?

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Hi Kathy,
I did this card last year. I used Picture It Publisher but I think you could do it in any program.

We took a picture of our family.

Then I found a cute graphic of a Santa that had a nice round head.

I then duplicated the graphic four times and changed the graphic up a bit each time by sizing and switching it.

I added the text and border on the front and put a greeting on the inside under where the photo would be.

I placed the family picture onto the card to place each Santa where I wanted him and then deleted the photo and printed out the card with just the Santa's.

I cut out each Santa's face with an exacto knife (actually my DH did this part) and checked to make sure our faces showed through.

The Santa's are on the front and our family picture is on the inside. I attached the photo with double back tape so the people that I sent the picture to could take it off and have it for posperity. LOL

The card was really fun to make. I did one similar with snowmen another time but I can't find it in my files.

I actually found a card that had four snowmen on the front so it wasn't as complicated. I think the snowman card was in a different program. Can't remember, too much water under the bridge. LOL

That time I cropped our faces, cropped out the snowman faces and put our faces in their place like the photo cards you see.

Great thread. I love hearing other people's ideas.

Here is a link that might be useful:

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