New to paper making


now that my craft sink is installed I want to experiment with paper making. Can someone guide me to what basic supplies i need to start other than the screens, blotters and pulp?

Thanks in advance

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An old blender tht you can use just for grinding up your paper and making pulp.

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Save materials from your hobbies... plant fibers, seeds, dried flower blossoms, leaves, ferns, pine needles, grasses; sewing thread snips, bits of silks, etc. Also save paper from junk mail and other sources as you see them.

Supplies... just some things you can start gathering...
large plastic dishpan to use as dipping basin
sponge to mop up messes
large jug for pouring pulp
wooden spoon to stir pulp
rolling pin to press out excess water
plastic bucket to temporarily store pulp
funnel to drain leftover pulp
two boards with some weights to use as press

Your best bet is to go to your public library and check out the papermaking section of books and take some home and read... There are too many good books on papermaking to tell you which one to get, but if you see one by Arnold Grummer you won't be disappointed.

The papermaking books are in Dewey classification 676.22. And don't be too proud to look at the children's section for beginner books - they really tell you step-by-step how to do it. If you don't see what you are looking for, just ask the librarian.

Be sure to post pictures of your results! We'd all like to see!

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I broke down several months ago and bought an Arnold Grummer paper making kit at Michaels. It was around 50 - 60 dollars, and I know you can make your own, but since I had never made paper, it was difficult to understand exactly what I needed (hope that makes sense). I have been extremely happy with it, and am really enjoying making paper. THe only things that didn't cine with the kit were the blender and a tub (I had to go to a store like Organize this to find the right size as everything I could find at Walmart etc had sloping bottom, so the paper making thingie (deckle?) didn't fit down in them. I bought one with a lid that fits all of the kit parts (except my blender) when not in use (which isn't very often!)
I really enjoy making paper with stuff in it, altho not everything works equally well (hint, do not put anything with long strands into your blender!!). I also discovered that I could make some really interesting colored papers with tissue paper, even the stuff that they wrap things you buy in nicer stores.
My biggest hurdle, is getting exactly the right amount of pulp so that my paper is a consistant thickness. And sometimes I still get holes in the paper (where it was too thin in one area.) I have been making cards with my homemade paper, and they are really unusual!


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Susie, sorry to take so long getting back to you. Have you been having fun making your paper? Care to post some photos of it on the gallery

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