Transfering a line drawing to wood


I am making a large wooden puzzle for my grand daughter and need to transfer the line drawing to wood for cutting out with a scroll saw.

I have been trying to find carbon paper, but asking for it is like being an alien that just landed from outter space as no one seems to know what it is anymore.

I was told that graphite paper would work, but I have not been able to find it. If this is what I need, where do I find it?

There are 31 pieces to this puzzle and it is being made of PT pine for playing on the deck.

Thank you!

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Graphite paper is used in sewing, dressmaking transfer paper . You can find it at JoAnn

Here is a link that might be useful: Joann Fabric page with Graphite paper

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If you do not have a Joann's, look in the art/scrapbooking dept in Walmart, KMart, or a regular stationary store. If nothing else, take a pointed pen, and take tracing paper, and press hard. You will see a line on the wood which you can go back and highlight with pencil. If you have any dollar stores around you they have tracing paper, and art supplies. Even wax paper will work.

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