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I didn't exactly know where to post this, but I figure maybe someone here would have the answer to my question. I would like to cut and paste certain flowers from a roll of wallpaper that I have and paste the flowers individually over my painted wall. The question is: what should I put over the pasted flowers to seal them so they don't peel and I can take a sponge and lightly wash over them if necessary?

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If its wallpaper why would you even need to seal it? If you feel you really need to, try some Mod Podge if they even still sell it. You could even use elmers glue, it drys clear.

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elmer's makes a spray on glue, but i would think that the wallpaper paste - whether prepasted paper or one you need to paste, would work just fine. once you apply the cut out, use a wallpaper roller on it and lightly sponge it. you should be fine. it would take on the same concept of wallies.

i know this is a late post, but what the heck, right?

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