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Seeking layout help if you can get past the confusing pictures

12 years ago

I've stared at sketches and run the tentative design through a couple of cabinet shops. Help! Am I missing anything big -- and missing anything that might shave costs.

The current kitchen is 9'6" by 11"6', and we're adding 6 feet to the length. The exterior door is at the bottom of the sketch. Going wider isn't possible; neither is bumping into the dining room -- the interior doorway - or the living room, which is the stove wall. It's a one cook kitchen; we entertain pretty frequently. No kids, although grandchildren visit; two dogs and two cats. It's a house we use in the summer and breaks (teachers), and we plan to retire there.

The main goals are to get better storage and workspace. Right now there's about 2 feet or so of usable counter, which is compromised by lower site-built cabs that are 13 inches above the counter. They also hang low over the stove, so the other big thing is ventilation.

Here's a overall sketch of the space. The electrical chase is actually more like 12 inches (a chimney-like box) because it also covers a heating vent to the second floor.

The plans have been to keep the stove -- it's 36 inches -- where it is, slightly off center from the window wall to add a bit of storage. It will get a hood and stainless steel shelving above. The wall to the left of the stove will get shelf to hold a microwave; coffee grinder will live on the counter.

The drawing of the fridge wall is off. We're thinking a 24" lower with drawers and a 24 inch upper, to the ceiling (8 foot). Then the fridge with a cabinet over it. That takes us to the chase. The thought not in the picture is to build it at 12x12 again, but attach a bookcase-like 12x12 unit to the front. Cookbooks, and maybe wine in the lower end would go here. After that a boos cart (which we own) and some free standing storage. We have a stainless restaurant equipment tower now; we might add to that and/or work in more free-standing storage. (I've lived in a lot of places without much closet or pantry space, so have a collection.)

The sink wall would use a corner susan unit, followed by a trash pullout, a 30 inch sink base, and two banks of 30 or 32 inch drawer bases, with one closest to the door shallower to account for the stack. After that our hoosier-type unit would round out this wall, leaving space for a stool and something hanging from the wall to catch dog leashes and such. Another equipment shelf would hold a convection oven to the stove side of the window.

This is 42 inches wide, 72 inches tall. We'd add a fixed transom above this to work in a little more light (the sink wall faces northeast).

We're pricing out custom (still need to hear on one), which so far have ranged from maybe doable if we're able to find a local metal fabricator for stainless to not a chance. I'm waiting on Omega/Dynasty, and will try to reprice Young Furniture Cabinets.

Is there a better use of the space that what we've been able to see?

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