Need help with cards!


I'm in need of help. I made about a dozen cards a few weeks ago that were quite detailed. I used liquid glue instead of glue sticks to help the details stay on better. I used these two glues: "Elmer's Craft Bond 'Paper Craft Glue Gel'" and "Tombo, Mono Aqua Liquid Glue." These both were supposed to be safe on papers. Well, they ended up drying and warping the cards. Now I don't know what to do. The details are stuck quite securely to the cards and I can't figure out how to de-warp them. Does anyone have any ideas? I spent quite a few hours doing these cards and I'm heartbroken that they might be useless now! :(


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Just now saw your post. Were you able to cut them out and use even as is as an applique on a blank cardstock?

Hope so

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Do you have details glued on both sides of the paper (when the card is unfolded) or just one side?

If details are glued on just one side, then you could try very lightly wetting the paper on both sides and then pressing the side of the damp card with no glued on details onto a flat piece of glass so that it is stuck evenly to the glass and then letting it dry. The card will expand slightly when damp and will shrink as it dries. If it is attached to a flat smooth surface as it dries then it should be flat. I have not done this with cards but I have done it with both thick and thin paper that I have colored with a thin wash. Since paper curls when damp on one side, it is important to make sure both sides of the paper are damp. You can dampen the paper by spraying it with a fine mist. It is also possible to dampen the paper by putting it in an airtight container or bag along with a damp sponge where the sponge does not touch the paper.

If you have details on both sides of the paper, you could try to dampen the paper, put the paper between two pieces of felt, and then press under a weight such as books.

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I am not sure what kind of details you were using but i have made cards in the past and i have actually used a hot glue gun. I used it my first time making cards with card stock and the paper didnt warp. I was expecting problems with the glue gun but figured I would try it and they turned out great. Of course you need to use the glue moderately and be careful. Happy Crafting! Hope this helps.

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