Acetates or Transparencies:


Acetates or Transparencies:


1- Use ONLY permanent ink on them.

2- Color you images in with permanent markers on the OPPOSITE side.

3- Color your images in with permanent ink PAINTS.

4- Alcohol can be used to fix mistakes when stamping or coloring in use

a sponge, paper towel or qtip.

5- Use for WINDOW cards

6- Use in SHAKER cards

7- If there is a smooth vs a rough side stamp your image on the smooth

side and color them in on the rough side.

8- ACETATE IMAGE LAYER: Stamp a Fish bowl or other container in perm. Ink

on your acetate/transp. And then LAYER it over top of a card. Stamp the

card with your images that you want to be IN the container.

9- Stamp a WORD stamp onto your acetate and lay it over a card that has a

background stamped. (Images, rainbow of colored inks, etc)


and protect your teabag folding or dried flowers! (you can spray it with

spray adhesive first to hold your items in place )

11- DRIED FLOWER BACKGROUND LAYER: spray adhesive on backside of acetate,

lay dried flowers over spray and adhere this layer to card!

12- GOLD LEAF ON ACETATE: Stamp an image in perm ink.. turn it over

spray some adhesive on the back side and cover with glitter, tissue

paper, gold leaf, etc layer it onto a card when done.

13- MASKED ACETATE IMAGES: Mask sections of the stamped image prior to

spraying the adhesive if you want to use more than one color glitter or

if you want to mix some textures

14- WINDOW CARD: Make your self a window card and then line it with a

stamped image on acetate. Great for a faux STAINED GLASS look.

15- GLASS LOOK: Cut it to fit over any glass stamped image to make it

look like REAL GLASS. Ex: fishbowl, vase, window, etc

16- ACETATE OVER WALLPAPER: Apply spray adhesive and stick it to a piece

of pretty wallpaper then layer it onto your card for a neat shiny pretty


17- 3D LOOK LAYERING PAPER: Stamp images on the front and back side of

the acetate then layer over gloss CS

18- GLITTER LAYERING PAPER: Spray glitter and use as background layer

19- GLITTER/TISSUE LAYERING PAPER: Spray glitter and layer tissue over

then layer on card

20- PERM INK IMAGE LAYERING PAPER: Stamp background in perm ink then

layer on card

21- SCRAP PAPER LAYERING PAPER: Spray with adhesive spray or glitter

spray then layer on small paper scraps.

22- PEARL EX BACKGROUND: spray adhesive. Rub PE over adhesive. Layer on



Have you found something that will work just as well but less expensive?

1- Macaroni box windows or other food boxes.

2- Windows from envelopes

3- Page/report protectors work great!

4- Plastic covering on packages

5- Plastic microwave popcorn bags

6- Transparency sheets

7- Plastic from toys or other store bought items.

8- Clear envies that stampers use! Just recycle them!

9- Holiday clear/decorated plastic wrapping paper

10- the freebie stuff you can use from anything you buy that has a clear

plastic covering. Holly

11- Clear vinyl book covers! From paper supply store.

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I have a whole pack of red tht I got at a thrift store.Thanks for the list.

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