make-your-own iridescent bkgd paper


I happened across this technique at and had fun playing with it the other night. It's very easy and you only need 3 things:


dark matte cardstock,

and clear fingernail polish.

I used my bathroom sink and ran 3+ inches warm water.

They suggest placing cardstock in the water and holding it down then drop one drop of fingernail polish onto the surface of the water. (I was all fumble fingers doing that, so I did it in reverse, making sure I could see the surface of the water and slip the cardstock in from one side.)

The fingernail polish spreads into a rainbow pattern. (Very cool to watch!)

You lift the card up to the surface, catching the pattern on the cardstock. (It's an iridescent "film" --kind of like an oil slick.)

Air dry the cardstock and then press it under a heavy book to flatten. An iron, reportedly, will change the color of the pattern.

Then you can stamp, emboss, whatever...

The website ( has good picture samples. Look under their "Technique of the Month" (TOM) for May.

This month's TOM is fun foam and they have pix of their amazing results! I never got such good results when I tried so I may have to give it another shot. Maybe have something to mount on my iridescent paper! :-)

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That address didn't work for me.
Sounds like a new technique.

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Been looking around that site.....did you see the card that used tombow markers and watercolor technique? Didn't see anything about technique.

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Sorry guys, I left out a "g"! I'll try a link:

When you get there, see where it says "Technique of the Month", then "TOM May: Iridescent Background". I'll try to include a shortcut, below.

Where is the card with tombow markers? And btw, what are tombow markers? I'm always hearing about them but never looked into it...

Here is a link that might be useful: stamping forum iridescent card examples

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How exciting! I can't wait to try it! Thanks Lia.

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