'puzzling question'


This is probably going to be one of those "I wish I hadn't asked that" type of question but here goes. I have seen puzzle piece put together to form about a 4" X 5" base for collages. There is a picture that has been decoupaged to the pieces but they still show the indentations of the puzzle. The "new" picture might be an old photograph, etc. How is that done?

Maybe traced on picture......cut out and glued on?

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Morning Rosie....I guess this could be done a few ways. Your idea would work just fine. There are "puzzle" templates for programs (forget which ones just now) that you'd import your photo to the program, then lay the "puzzle" template over it.
I don't know why you couldn't take a real section of puzzle, decoupage your photo on that...then cut with a craft knife...?

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I was looking at the InventIt papers that are on clearance (linked in Computer Crafts) and one of them has something to do with puzzles. I don't know if the paper you print on comes perforated or what. Might be worth looking into?

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