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Contd from the 'Am I overreacting' thread. Need help with GC bill

14 years ago

I have been BEGGING our GC for a final bill with the extras on it for since the project was finished in December. In January I had the difficult conversation with him which I outlined in another thread. I have asked on the phone, in texts and emails.

I finally received the bill today and as I suspected it's not what I was expecting.

I don't know how to respond, or if we should just pay these bills and be done with it. I do really just want this to be over, but hate feeling ripped off.

Here's a link to my "Am I overreacting post' where indeed many people thought that the additional 10% charge was reasonable. I still disagree as it wasn't brought up to me at any time, but that's why I'm here - to get honest opinions from people. I just feel sick because of all this.

When I was getting bids from GCs I showed them all what we wanted to have taken care of and also told them that there were a couple of maintenance issues which had shown up in our home inspection and I wanted to have them included. None of them were a particularly big deal; the shower needed a caulk line, two windows on the ground floor needed caulk and the chimney by the roof deck needed a cap put on it. No ladder or anything needed. Just walk over and put it on. There was one more major item in a window sill on the second floor had deteriorated.

We also wanted a light fixture removed from the dining room and two small light fixtures replaced with recessed lights (no hole or wire fishing necessary), just change out the lights.

Everyone of the GCs said that the jobs were small and they would include them. I said great, and I just wanted to show everything so there would be no unpleasant surprises.

In my other thread you can see that this GC has now forgotten that conversation and I now feel paranoid about everything - I feel like the initial contract had many mistakes in it (one window to be filled in instead of two, etc, etc). At the time I just figured it was a simple mistake and the GC tried to shrug it off as no big deal and I had to ask for a revised contract. Now I wonder what I would be being billed if I hadn't fixed those 'mistakes'.

Ugh I hate this - I have worked with so many different contractors and never had this feeling of them trying to get one over on my like this before. I know it's small potatoes in comparison to the trouble some people have, but money is tight and I hate having to spend it on things I don't feel are fair.

I'm going to outline the charges and can I please get comments about how best to handle this? I really want to give them a final payment check in FULL & FINAL payment. I do not want to leave any room for them to hand me any more bills with random stuff on them.

Here is a link that might be useful: Am I overreacting thread

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