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Closet System or Custom?

9 years ago

Hello all! We are building a huge addition to our 1950s rancher -- effectively doubling the size of the home. Part of the addition will be adding a large master suite complete with his and hers closets. My husband's closet will be about 6' x 5 1/2', and mine is an L shape, 13' long and a little less than 5' wide for most of it, then the bottom of the "L" is about 9' by 5'.

I'm torn about what to do about shelving / rods in the closets. We had a visit from a local closet company rep., who quoted us $6000 to put in the elements we requested in the two closets (nothing fancy, mostly rods, shelves, and a few drawers in each, in their most basic melamine finish). I don't need the closets to be a "Showplace" but I do want them to be very functional.

Honestly I don't love the look of the closet systems, or that the widest section of rods is only 36" wide.

I'm debating whether it would be better to have someone just build us a basic closet system out of paint grade wood. That way we could have longer spans of rods, and basic shelves. This is what I had in the house I grew up in, and it worked very well.

We'd lose the drawers unless we had the cabinet shop who's doing the bathrooms do something? I could honestly do without drawers but my husband does want drawers (we could always put a small dresser in his closet).

Who has experience NOT using a "closet system" -- any experience with the cost difference and how it holds up? And who should we contact for a quote -- finish carpenter? cabinet shop (although I presume that would be more than the closet system)?

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