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Making Kefir!

9 years ago

I need to know how hard it is to make Kefir and how to go about it. As some of you know, my DH has a lot of medical problems and got a heart transplant eight years ago last month. As a result of that, he has an extremely supressed immune system and there are a lot of problems with what he can have and can't have. About six months ago, or better, he started having some problems and the doctors put him on lots of antibiotics. As a result, he has wound up with a ton of bad bacteria and no good bacteria in his digestive system. He's now suffering from mal absorption and is losing weight. He lost 30 pounds in one month and has now lost another 10. Not good at all.

He's not supposed to take probiotics pills because they aren't regulated by the FDA and the doctors are afraid he could get some contaminated with mold or other things that would kill him. I looked up foods high in probiotics and one of the things I found was Kefir so I bought some as well as some of the other items on the lists and he drank about 8 ounces of the Kefir last night and 8 ounces this morning. This morning he didn't have diarreah - something that has been a huge part of the problems he's been having. He now believes I'm on the right track and we bought more at the grocery today.

I know Grainlady and some others on here make their own Kefir. At the price of it in the stores, I think I'd like making it ourselves. I already make yogurt although I am buying him Greek yogurt right now. Grainlady, can you please give me information on making your own Kefir?

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