Moved house- nightmare or treasure?

7 years ago

First, I know almost nothing about the house, just what is in the RE listing. Looks like a 1920-30's house. House had been moved to it's current location. From the photos, it looks to be on a ?temporary foundation that looks like cement blocks.

No septic setup, no electric, plumbing, etc.

On the one hand, the price for the land and house seems reasonable, the location is good for us, but how much of a logistical and financial nighmare is it to finish the foundation and set up utilities, assuming the house itself is salvageable?

I'm guessing that the house *could* be salvageable, or else they wouldn't have moved it. We're very tempted to go and have a closer look, but I'd like to have an idea of how much of a mess this could be before I start swooning over it.

Since the house is already there, is it pretty straightforward to get permits for everything? The house is in a very small town in Texas.

We'd appreciate any thoughts or suggestions. Thanks!

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