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Removing paint from old window screens

17 years ago

I am just beginning to think about restoring/repairing the old wood windows and screens in our small 1920's house. I am not coming up with any information on the internet on how to remove paint from old window screens. I am not just talking a spot here or a drip there. The screens look to have been painted over the years, possibly a couple layers, the top layer being black, and possibly oil paint. Is it possible to remove the paint? And if so, how would I go about this? I am prepared for hours of work if that is what it will take. The screens themselves are in fine condition. They look to be some type of metal underneath the paint. Are window screens suppsed to be painted? Once uncovered of paint, will they rust? any answers and suggestions to my questions are greatly appreciated.

also, what can anyone tell me about bronze screen if i were to consider that as a replacement option. or any other kind of metal that was used for screens back in the day? thanks, stephanie

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