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Question About Flooring Layers In Old House

17 years ago

We finally have possession of our 140 year old farm house!

Today we spent the day ripping out some smelly, crusty, rust coloured carpet! While the register covers were off, we peeked at the various layers that are on the thick pine floors.

There's a layer of sheet vinyl, that does not appear to be glued down, just nailed with large headed nails. *Appears* that it would be relatively easy to take up.

The next layer down is the layer in question. From the tiny corner we pulled up, it looks like a layer of felt with a very thin and not durable vinyl (ish) sort of top.

We are unsure if it is vinyl or linoleum in its own right or just a padding type layer.

I'm sure someone here must have seen this sort of thing before.

Ideally, we'd like to pull the nails in the vinyl and remove it and hope that this felt layer is not glued down and remove it also.

My husband doesn't want me to touch it until we can find out if there is asbestos in any of the layers and I wont... but I'm curious what this layer might be.

For now, I'm just thrilled the nasty, crusty, stinky rust coloured carpet is gone, even if now I have to see the faux parquet vinyl flooring ;)


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