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Nutritional Analysis of recipes?

14 years ago

I have decided it's time to shed a few pounds. Some co-workers told me about a website and I really like that you can enter everything you eat in a day and it gives you a breakdown of all your calories, carbs, fat, etc.

Problem is...trying to determine the counts in a food or recipe that is not in their database is sketchy at best. For example, I made Ann's Chicken Souvlaki the other night.

I did a search for it and found at least a dozen entries by other members. But you don't see the recipe behind the entry, and you must choose one before you see the nutitional breakdown. Just for fun, I chose one and it gave me a calorie count of over 400 per serving! (Serving size was not specified). I went back and entered each ingredient separately and came up with about 160 calories per 3 oz serving.

Does anyone know of a site that you can enter an entire recipe and it will break it down nutritionally?

I did a search and came up with lots of sites to "join" and some even charged a fee. Others were incredibly difficult to navigate.


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