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Can anyone tell me the style of my house?

13 years ago

I fell in love this little old house the moment I saw it, but it confuses me. I don't know the style or the year it was built (yeah, I know, shame on me). Right now, we are trying it out for a year with "option to buy" after the year is up. It does need a little work and TLC, but so far, it's work we are willing to do if we decide to buy it.

Also, the woodwork really pops out to me. It's all over the place...around every door and window. If anyone could tell me if it looks original, I'd appreciate it. My landlord has no clue, in fact, he has only seen this house a couple of times. Any info on this style house, inside and out would be great. If more details or pictures are needed, I would be more than happy to provide them.


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