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Crockpot/oven bag????

23 years ago

Okay, let me see if I've got this straight. You can cook in your crockpot using the oven bags. You can cook more than one meal in the crockpot at a time using the oven bags. Right?

That leaves a whole bunch of questions unanswered for me, maybe I'm just dense, but could someone explain it to me. The oven bags say to coat with flour and cut 6 slits in the top, for cooking in the oven. Is the same true for cooking with them in the crockpot? When cooking more than one meal at a time using this method, do you layer the meals in the crockpot? Wouldn't this defeat the purpose of cutting slits in the top of the bag? Do you place the bags in there side by side? Wouldn't this allow the juices to come out through the slits? Do you place the ties on the bag just like you do when you are cooking in the oven? Does cooking in the oven bags reduce the time required to cook your recipe in the crockpot? Or do you use the time listed in your recipe? High or low, or does it matter?

I apologize for the length of this post, but I want to try anything that will save me clean up time and cooking time.

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