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Which cabinet finish would look good with mahogany floors?

16 years ago

We're just at the beginning of planning our kitchen remodel. We have our layout pretty much figured out, but are having some trouble deciding what look to go for. Our kitchen is quite small and relatively dark. (There is a window but it faces north. We are hoping to let in some more light from the south side by enlarging the pass-through to the dining room).

We really like santos mahogany floors and are hoping to find wood cabinets that would look good with these floors. We have considered maple cabinets with a honey colored stain or perhaps a darker stain, but are concerned that maple sometimes looks blotchy. We have considered cherry, but are concerned about the color of the cabinets and the floor being too similar and blending together, and also that the overall effect may be too dark.

Any comments or advice would be greatly appreciated :)

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