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I'm going crazy please give me advice

15 years ago

Here's the deal. I have been married to Phil for 4 years been together for 7. His mother moved to our state and he had his mail transfered to her house. Shortly thereafter, he had his phone put in her name. Then, he wanted to have seperate bank accounts so we got them. I began to get suspicious and I asked him what is going on? Why are you being so secretive? He tells me I am crazy that he's not being secretive and has nothing to hide. I tell him well something is going on because we used to share banks accounts, cell phone record access, everything and now we share nothing. He told me that he would make me eat my accusations by showing me his cell phone records, bank statements etc. to prove nothing is going on and when I tried to make him follow through (never have I made him follow through) he tells me he's leaving, calls me all kinds of names, tells me that we can't have a marriage without trust. Well that's all fine and dandy and i agree and I believe that his sudden need for privacy is based on a deeper reason behind it. Who just does this stuff out of the blue? So, now what do I do. I either forget about getting proof, which i believe I deserve or try and get the proof and lose my relationship and family unity. He has also started working later and later. I mentioned getting a private investigator and he gets very angry and tells me it would be the biggest waste of money and makes me feel crazy? What do you all think about this?

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