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Will a Harley slow me down?

15 years ago

Not much activity on this forum, but I figured I would ask an opinion here anyway.

About 20 years ago I had a very limited engagement with a 1977 (?) Honda 360T. That was the extent of my riding experience until I was given a FZ700 last year. Now I'm having a problem quite opposite to that of the "scared to ride on highway" threads. After just about 10 minutes of remembering how to ride, it's like my wrist is spring-loaded and it's all I can do not to go full throttle. 75 on the highway feels painfully slow.

The bike needs work and I do not care to spend any money on it. I always dreamed of a Harley, but now I wonder if I would be bored on one. On the other hand I am too young to die and I know I will never ride remotely safely while crouched over a crotch-rocket. So I am just wondering, if you are sitting back chillin' on a fat hog, is there more of a tendency to relax a bit and enjoy the road?

Please, no lectures, I know all that. I simply want to know if 65 highway and 45 local is a little more enjoyable on a cruiser than it is on my bike.

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