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I Got It, I Got It.....

16 years ago

I got the mystery gift for having the most indoor kitties! It is a beautiful purse made by Jenni that has lots of kitties on it....thank you ever so much. The purse is the "purr-fect" size for me, so it will be used lots and will think of you each time I pick it up. Thank you, Sandy, for the question and a special thanks, Jenni, for a most beautiful and generous gift.


Comments (7)

  • donna_oh
    16 years ago

    Congrats Marigene--That is sooo cute!

    Donna (^_^)

  • gadgets
    16 years ago

    Ahhh, you're one lucky gal.


  • nodakgal
    16 years ago

    Thats beautiful!
    Congratulations again!

  • sue_va
    16 years ago

    And this post was made at the same time as the Do you ever win? one.

    Lucky again.

    Beautiful bag!


  • justlinda
    16 years ago

    Congrats Marigene...but check inside.....I think it might be my bag.....LOL

    Just'll look fantastic carrying it everywhere you go.

  • des_arc_ya_ya
    16 years ago

    Aww...that's cute. Enjoy!

  • Linda Wayman
    16 years ago

    It's so cute. Congratulations to you Marigene.


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