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how bad can menopause be?

12 years ago

Hi Ladies, well just how bad can menopause be everybody has a different story mine is by no means unique, before iwas 40 i was slim sexy goodlooking and able to pull and hang on to (with ease) a georgeous hunky guy I was 34 he was 17 I was the envy of all my girlfriends now i am 48 he is 29 and he loves me no matter what my menopausal symptoms are no matter just how bad the physical and mental symptoms are its do- able, really , I have chronic hot sweats , panic attacks , i pee myself (weak bladder), I am not keen on sex (i couldnt get enough of it b4 meno ), im tired , i weep at the most stupid things , i constantly toil with should i shouldnt i (HRT),i have high blood pressure (he worries about this), i bombard him with remedies cures moans complaints worries and i constantly complain im fat bloated and ugly and old is this ringing any bells girls , He listens he reassures and he loves me and makes me feel comfortable in my skin , given all these things i know it is a horrible transition but i want you all to know it is do-able with the love and care and honesty of loved ones who do and can understand what we are going through talk they say is cheap but i find its not its a very worthwhile and helpful way of copeing some days good some days bad i dont know if there is a light at the end of this tunnel but i hope so love and regards to you all girls .xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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