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Heavy prolonged period

15 years ago

Past 8 months have had irregular periods either short cycle or late plus bad ovulation pain. Dr sent me for pelvic ultrasound 5 months ago that was normal.Told I was perimenopausal.

This period was 4 weeks late then I had slight spotting for 7 days then period started properly and was heavy from the off. Not heavy enough to disrupt my life at all and compared to alot of people not that heavy but same as I have on my normal period heavy days. My normal period is 5 days long with 3 heavy ones.

I am now on day 7 and still same heavy period. I get in a panic easily and saw my GP who said given how late my period was she would expect a heavy longer one.

She said if I get to 10 days then take traxenamic acid tablets to reduce bleeding. AS I had had normal ultrasound 5 months ago she isn't too concerned as too cause but she said prolonged heavy bleeding can cause anaemia. My count a day before bleeding started was 15 so she said i had plenty to go at!

I need reassurance from other people that have had heavy prolonged periods because as I said I panic easily. I am worrying that it just won't stop!

I go back to my Dr next week and she will do full pelvic exam but she didn't want to do that until bleeding had eased. I am going to ask for another ultrasound etc.

Has anyone ever had a period that doens't stop???

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