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New to forum - any ideas from anyone

13 years ago

Posted by joansimon (My Page) on Tue, Feb 10, 09 at 11:44

I have been menopausal for 3 years. My gyno gave me Femhrt last year for hot flashes and night sweats. It didn't work. Last April, he gave me Estradiol to take in the am and Prometrium to take at night. I started to spot, so quit the Prometrium and was wonderful on the Estrdiol, not realizing that the 2 had to go together.

He had not stressed this to me. I went 6 months feeling great, then started bleeding terribly for about 1 week. Went in to Gyn and he was happy to hear that the reason for the bleeding was not taking the prometrium, b/c he was worried about endometrial cancer. Told me to get off of everything and the bleeding should stop, which it did. He then gave me Fosteum (which is for Osteoporosis, but helps women with hot flashes). Told me if it didn't work to go back to Femhrt (which never worked). After 1 month, I decided on my own to back to Estradiol and the prometrium, since I did wonderfully on the Estradiol. But decided, I would balance it as I should have previously, with the prometrium. Worked great for 1 month, then I started the heavy bleeding again. I got off of everything. I am using the progesterone cream, which is not helping. I am wondering if I am Estrogen dominant and maybe need just the prometrium. Someone please help. I know everyone is different, so I will see my Gyno in 4-2009, so I thought I would experiment on my own. I know I need to balance my hormones.

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