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Delicatus on ikea nexus golden brown

12 years ago

We have been so indecisive on granite countertop selection, so would love to hear opinion from the forum.

Cabinets are ikea nexus golden brown, with stainless steel appliances and stainless kickplates/feet.

The floor is off-white.

Ceiling is high, slanted and wood...same colour as nexus cabinets. There is 23ft run of windows framed with dark wood.

Because there is alot of wood (windows, cabinets & ceiling) I thought to select a lighter countertop.

The difficulty is its Hard to find quite the same off white as the floor. So I found something called Delicatus which is a blotchy but interesting mix of white, ivory, taupes, browns, greys and contains rusty veins similar to cabinet & ceiling colour. Worried about the ivory since the island has granite on the top and which runs down to the floor.

Think this will be nice?

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