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Last & maybe least: 3/4 bath (guest bathroom) color advice pls

10 years ago

We're *bound and determined* to get this darn house done by this fall! Even putting off a trip we'd planned for our 20th anniversary to work on the house. It's just that important.

SO: I need folks's help on this. I've perused houzz and still not been able to come up with a definitive answer. I should also disclose that I'm a Libra.

The situation: it's a tiny, windowless 88" x 68" space. All the floors on the first level have been gold, either vintage reclaimed white oak or a very nice matte rectified golden color tile. I like the through-composition effect. For the powder room, I also have decided I like a darker color that I mixed myself and painted the room, initially just to tide us over to a full redo -- it's a dark blue/green/gray and it does literally make my heart sing. I can hear it now just thinking about it : ) It would take a lot for me to give that up.

We're also going to have a 48 x 32 rectangular shower with the sliding barn door kind of mechanism. It will replace a 29 x 39 neo-angle (yay!).

Also in play: a remnant of labradorite granite with *fabulous* inclusions -- I love it inordinately and need to work it in. It does well with gold and blue/grey/green.

Also in play: walnut cabinets, pretty sure. The room is visible from the master bedroom, which has natural finish walnut. So we add a darkish brown in there too.

The problem: if I continue the golden floors in there, the walls in there will be *much* darker than the walls elsewhere -- but is that necessarily bad, with enough lighting? I think the forum thought on that is that it's *not*, embrace the smallness kind of thing. I would then try to find tile that is similar in color to the wall color, to keep the line going through the room so that the space won't be visually cut off when we hit the shower. I do keep worrying about the cave effect, though. The surface of the shower base will be whatever color we go with for the floor, also to keep the eye flowing.

OR should I break the golden floor-theme and go with a darker floor and maybe a golden wall instead? Would that lighten things up? I need some dark blue-green-gray to go with the labradorite, but it can be on the floor or on the wall.

Which would you choose? It's no use showing the room now because it bears no resemblance to the room as it will be. We'll be bumping out a corner of it. Just try to imagine either walnut wood, labradorite blue/green granite, gold floors and dark blue-green-grey walls, OR the wood, the granite, dark floors and golden walls. Any and all thoughts most welcome, as are questions to clarify what I wrote, which makes sense probably only in my head at this point! Thanks in advance.

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