Pick Steak For Grilling

John Liu
8 years ago

Have a dinner tomorrow. 6 adults, 4 kids. SWMBO has ordered me to "grill steaks". She will, she announced, go to Costco tomorrow and get the steaks. What, she asked, should she get? This stumped me.

I just walk around, admiring all the deep red meat, watching them jump up and down, shrilling "me me me", poking and assessing, weighing size and cost, until a solution presents itself that promises a satisfactory meal at a reasonable cost. I am not sure how to instruct someone remotely in picking meat? I don't want her coming back with a slab of tough muscle suited only for a brisket, or with $300 of marbled extravagance. It is not that important a dinner.

What would you tell her? Fill in the blank. "Dearest lady and ruler of all you survey, please bring home ________ pounds of ________".

I was, by the way, thinking about something different than the usual hunk of ribeye. Like a flank steak.

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