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Kitchen Renovation Advice Needed

12 years ago

Hello everyone, happy new year! I've been thinking about renovating my kitchen/living room for a while and I'm having trouble figuring out the best way to use the space. I'm hoping for some advice about the plan I've come up with so far, whether it needs a little tweaking or to be totally redone.

My bf and I plan on living in this house for about 5 more years before moving and turning it into a rental property. Some projects we would like to do for ourselves (like the kitchen and bathrooms) while others will wait until we move (like converting the workshop into a bedroom.) But everything will be done with the future of becoming a rental in mind. We will be doing most of the work ourselves, my bf is a professional contractor so he will be doing everything but the plumbing and electric. We will be removing a load bearing wall and installing a beam and posts.

The problems I have with the rooms as they are now are: Kitchen is small, there is not enough counter space or storage, the appliances are old, the counters are funky, the cabinets are unattractive, and I don't like the tile floor. The living room is okay except for the ugly fireplace and the lack of entertainment system storage.

My wishlist: more functional layout, new appliances, a dishwasher, cork or wood floor instead of tile, quartz counter-tops, a peninsula or island with a bar on the living room/dining room side, remove the wall separating the two rooms for better flow from one room to the other, make the fireplace look better, and add built-in storage for both entertainment stuff and cookbooks/kitchen stuff on the fireplace wall.

Here are some plans I drew and some pictures of the space:

House as is:

Reno Plan:

Wall Separating Kitchen from Living Room:



Living Room:

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