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Butcher block counters not so great after two years

11 years ago

When I remodeled my kitchen two years ago I decided on butcher block counters from Ikea, stained walnut and finished with 5 coats of waterlox.

It looked amazing....for about 6 months. Then it slowly started to get sticky and be hard to clean. At this point I can't get rid of the stickyness, I suspect it's residue from cleaning product. I don't just leave the cleaner on the counter to sit, I always follow up with a light sponging of soap/water. Yet, it's still sticky and now I can see residue build up the refuses to come off.

I clean this counter every day. I don't know where I went wrong.

Having said this, I really like the look of these counters (or I did when they were new) and the price is right. So I want to use them again in the next house, but I'd love some tips on how to avoid this happening again!

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