Granite tile or Granite slab?

12 years ago

We need to pick out granite in a couple of weeks for the new kitchen remodel. We're going to go look at the slabs, etc. But I noticed something yesterday I hadn't noticed before and I was wondering if anyone else uses it? Granite Tile.

I was in a new home that's about 4 years old, and just now noticed the Granite isn't a slab but a tile, and looks as new as the day it was installed.

I did a web search on granite tile, and it gets nothing but great reviews. It's the grout that you have to always keep an eye on. The grout in the granite I saw was very thin, which is why I never noticed it before. The kitchen is beautiful with the tile!

Granite tile is still granite, but not a slab. But still tolerates high heat, etc. The savings is enormous from what I've read.

Anyone use this, and do you like it?

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