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How do we feel about curtain lengths?

10 years ago

I've been looking at curtains for my living room for awhile now. I've been surfing Houzz and looking at retailers' websites for ideas and possibilities. I've been seeing lots and lots of rooms with floor length curtains - sometimes puddled, sometimes not.

I thought the traditional length choices were sill, or bottom of the apron, or floor length. With the exception of cafe curtains, lengths other than floor length don't seem to be used anymore, at least in the rooms featured on Houzz and websites like Pottery Barn. They aren't even listed as an option in most descriptions of how to measure for and hang curtains. So folks, how do we feel about non floor length curtains? Passe? Still okay?

Full disclosure: I will get floor length for the living rooms, but I do have apron length in my eating area. They're inexpensive curtains, but I love the material and the fact that they don't cover the floor heat register.

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