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a couple questions...Netflix, online ordering, coupons..

15 years ago

1. Has anyone used Netflix? Did you have a good or bad experience with them?

2. I like to buy some things online. I am aware of Ebay, Overstock, Woot, Amazon, Nextag. There are another 1-2 but I can't remember the names right now. While everyone is trying to save- well, not EVERYONE- but I am!!

Do you have any other good sites?

3. Coupons- where I live, there are no coupons in the Sunday paper- or on Wednesday- we only get a paper 2 times a week. Are there good sites to make coupons?

Have you ever tried the 'free samples' or 'free stuff' that is on the coupon site? Does it make you get lots of junk mail?

Thanks all.

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