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Bran Muffins - What's your recipe?

14 years ago

I'm hoping to run across a recipe similar to my grandmother's. I can remember that she used "bran flakes", added boiling water to them, and that's about all I remember. Her bran muffins were not very sweet at all. They had to have jam in order to make them palatable. They were brown through and through. She was a fan of dark Karo Syrup and Cane Syrup, so those may have been involved. I also remember her making coffee (from instant) but I think that may have been for gingerbread. Wouldn't mind having that kind of recipe too, lol!

I have searched on the Internet but not found anything that sounded right yet. Thought this would be a good place to ask. Please feel free to post your favorite bran muffin recipe, whether it meets my G'ma's specs or not, lol. It would be nice to have a bunch of b. muffin recipes in one spot.

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