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Pricing on new Carrier heat pump

14 years ago

Hey everybody,

Really love the site! Between here and another forum, I've gotten a very good education on HVAC/home energy savings. The other forum is more for professionals, and they don't allow pricing, so I've come over here to get add'l input.

Recv'd 2 proposals (waiting on #3) for replacement of 5 ton heat pump unit. All 3 reps were impressed with ductwork design/integrity, no add'l work other than standard to connect return air to unit. Quotes for Trane and Carrier equip. I was leaning toward Trane, but one Trane rep didn't want to quote the XL14/15, said the 13 series was just as efficient in 2 stage for the same price(?). I am waiting on the other Trane rep who is going to quote the XL15, I'll be able to compare to this guy. The Carrier rep offered 2 systems, as follows:

#1 Infinity

HP- 25HNA660A003


60000 11.10 15.30 57500 9.00 34200 (this is based on the A32 HP and +UI AH, see below for question regarding- ratings are same regardless)

20kW staged heat strips

2 stage recip compressor

This would include the Infinity control system thermostat

Includes 10C/10P/10L warranty + 1 yr service agreement

***Total cost including $1000 rebate- $8633.53***

#2 Performance



59500 11.5 14 59000 8.3 36000 (again, HP is A32)

20kW staged heat strips

Single stage scroll compressor- variable blower

Includes 10C/10P/5L warranty + 1 yr service agreement

***Total cost including $400 rebate- $8390.76***

Trane guy was $11629.36+tax(NO KIDDING?) for an XL16 system, warranty was slightly less, didn't provide model #s, and I was kinda sticker shocked, decided to wait for the other Trane guy's quote. Sorry, at this point, I don't see the price justification

Right now, I'm liking the Carrier Infinity system, which seems to be well respected.

These include new thermostat, refrigerant lines, filter dryer, power whip, primary float switch cutoff, drain pan/float switch, and whatever sheet metal to transition to the plenum as needed. In other words, turn key package.

Please give your thoughts on the proposals, as well as pricing. I live about 40 mins north of the Little Rock, AR area. I don't have a breakdown of labor/equipment, but so far all involved have indicated minimal labor/rework to install. I will be contacting the Carrier rep to ask about the new rating on their 5 ton unit that would qualify for the fed tax credit.

All input is appreciated!

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