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central A/C unit is not cooling as usual

12 years ago

Central A/C unit has not been cooling below 78 degrees, for 2 days. I set the thermostat to 74 last night, but the house temp did not go below 78. Today, I set to 77. The temp was 78, and up to 80 by late afternoon. It is not cooling down.

The fan is running outside, the thermostat shows correct day and time, etc. The filter was changed 2 weeks ago. I'll try to describe he indoor unit but I'm new to this... the large insulated tube is cold, the smaller one is warm. The largest tube (like a chimney stack?) on top of the unit feels cool, but not cold (it gets hot with the heater, so should I expect it to be cold with A/C?) The air coming from floor vents is cool, but not cold.

Admittedly, we are experiencing more extreme heat than we are used to, but I want to be sure that the A/C unit is working as it should, all considered.

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