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Window Size: How much is 6-12' worth?

13 years ago

Okay I screwed up. We are building a new house and the windows are in. (Except for two which are going in today).

I changed the windows in front of my sink from two double hung to one slider (because that is what my wife wanted) but in doing so... I shortened it's height from 42" to 36" accidentally. We wanted (near) counter height windows to look out while doing the dishes, etc.

So right now in the house we have a window here, it has been installed already (the pic is a week or two old). Please try to ignore the plywood covering part of the window opening they had a sheet leaned up outside.:

It is 60" wide by 36" high. The ceiling is 9'. There will be shelves on the left side, a cabinet on the right. There will be a 6"hx8"w beam on the ceiling, running above the window against the wall with lights coming out and down off of it.

I am thinking about making this window more like 48" high.

I asked my builder today for a quote on how much it would cost to change it and I haven't heard back yet. But is it worth it at all?

I know sliders are not most people's preference, but my wife wanted it because she can't open the double hung over our current sink and she is anti-casements.

Any advice on the size of the window over the sink would be appreciated. I don't want to let this slide if it's going to bug me, but I know that sometimes I obsess over details in midstream that I never notice/care about later.

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