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My trip to South Korea

terezosa / terriks
10 years ago

Anele mentioned in my Xanax thread that she would like to see pics from my South Korea trip. I spent 9 days there visiting my son and his girlfriend who were teaching English there. They met me at the airport in Seoul and we took the very efficient train and subway to our hotel. We spent two nights there, so had one full day to shop and see some of the sights there. For a city of over 10 million people I was surprised that I never felt like I was in a crowd. I think that's because the city is so spread out.
This is a typical street in one of the shopping areas

We then took the train south to where my son was living. So I got to see South Korea from the northern border to the south.
The landscape is very pretty. It is a mountainous country and all the hills and mountains are covered with green trees. There is no development in the hills, but every city was full of apartment buildings like this:

We visited two Buddhist temples, this one was right on the ocean in Busan.

The temples all have beautiful decorative details

This is Tongdosa temple, located in Yangsan, where my son lived. It is one of the oldest and most important temples, and contains relics from the Buddha himself, including a piece of his jaw bone, his begging bowl and his robe.

This a picture of Busan from the roof of the world's largest department store. Busan's population is over 3 million.

There is construction going on everywhere in the country, and everything is well planned out, far as shopping schools and subway being close to each apartment complex.

Finally, I took the train back to Seoul by myself, and spent the night at the Hilton there with this view of Seoul Tower from my room

I ventured out alone on the subway and did a little shopping before I headed home the next day.
It was a wonderful experience. My son and his girlfriend's contracts ended September first, and they now have jobs lined up in China. So next year, I hope to visit them there.

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