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How would you lay out this living room?

4 months ago

Hi, we are renovating mostly the second floor of a house we recently purchased. Going to leave the first floor for a later project, but we wanted to do something with the living room to make it look a little nicer in the meantime. We originally had windows that we closed up on one wall with a plan to do some sort of built-ins along that wall, but there is this pony wall that stops half way right where we would put a couch, So if the couch is centered and the TV is centered, the couch would half way hang out into the kitchen area. Removing the pony wall feels like it will make the space too open, but extending the pony wall almost feels like it will close the space in a bit too much. How would you lay things out here? Feel free to throw out any layout / furniture placement ideas along with any design ideas as well. And yes.. these wall colors are going to get changed! see floor plan and pictures below. Thanks.

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