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Air Handler installed sideways?!?

12 years ago

So we bought a house with new AC system that we paid half for as part of the sale. It is now 6 months old. The heat worked fine, as does the AC. However, it leaks like a sieve when running the AC. The leak appeared to come from all around the base of the air handler.

So we shut it off and opened it up to check the drip pan, and the drip pan was ON THE SIDE. Like, vertical. Everything appears to be in the right place based on diagrams I have been able to find on the internet, but it looks sideways. I know there are units designed to be installed horizontally... is it possible the HVAC person ordered the wrong unit and decided "oh well" and installed it vertically anyway? Like would anyone really DO that??? And if so, now what? There was about 4 inches of water on the bottom of the unit. We bailed it out and now we have tin bread pans down there to catch the water until we figure out what to do. I called the HVAC guy and of course I can't get a call back.

Any advice/opinions? Thanks!

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