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IKEA boxes and make your own drawer fronts... anyone done this?

13 years ago

Since we have been at a dead stand still (making me crazy) and I've had nothing to do but THINK about aspects of the remodel... I've been thinking about using IKEA boxes to get the hardware and having DH build the drawer fronts. All the bases except two will be drawers. I want a very wide rail/stile door/drawer Shaker style and feel this may be the most cost efficient way to get what I want and to have a quality kitchen. None of the IKEA door styles are exactly what I want and I haven't seen anything at Scherrs or any of the other door manufacturers. This way we can afford whatever wood we decide on and would have the Tandembox drawers. Has anyone done this? I think I posted something similar a long time ago but can't find the thread.

Anyone done this? See any downide? I posted this on IKEAfans and was encouraged.

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