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Holiday Bazaar Ideas needed

10 years ago

I got coerced into chairing the Holiday Bazaar at my son's school this year. The bazaar is basically 90+ vendors selling home made craft items, jewelry, food items, and some vendors from home based sales like tupperware, Lia Sophia etc. We also sell Poinsettias and school mascot tree ornaments.

I'm looking for ideas on how to improve foot traffic at the event. We advertise to our school families and run ads in the local paper, emails to parents etc.

Also interested in any ideas/comments/opinions you all might have on what worked and didn't work at bazaars you've attended in the past.

Was going to add a child craft table this year to get Mom's/Grandparents with children to attend. Any ideas on a cute craft they could do?

What do you think about having a holiday craft demonstration? Distracting to the vendor sales??

Out of line to ask the principal for extra credit points to be awarded to any kid who has an adult attend? :-)

All thoughts welcome!! Also, if you are in the Columbus, OH area and want to help out I need volunteers!!!

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