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Tip of the day- Wednesday

FlamingO in AR
15 years ago

For those of you who have a wood stove with a glass door, or a fireplace with a glass front, I have a great tip for cleaning the glass! When the glass is cool, dip a damp papertowel or piece of newspaper into some of your ashes. Rub the glass in a circular motion, you'll find the burnt on discoloration comes right off! It'll look really messy until you wipe it with another damp, clean papertowel or newspaper piece, but when you're done- voila! It's like new! Don't be afraid to rub hard, we've been doing this for 19 years on this wood stove and haven't scratched the glass yet!

Also, placing your logs further away from the glass slows down the build up.

Do you have a tip to share today?

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