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Finished Kitchens blog for archiving your beautiful kitchens!

19 years ago

Many members have asked for links to member's finished kitchens that had been posted in the gallery but have since rolled off. I myself was also frustrated by trying to locate someone's photos and finding that I had forgotten to bookmark them!

So, a few weeks ago, I created a blog to archive the finished kitchen posts. In most cases, these posts are simply verbatim copies of the forum posts. Most contain a description of the kitchen along with a link to the photos. They are listed alphabetically by member for easy retrieval.

Finished Kitchens Blog

The blog currently has a major formatting issue: you need scroll down the page (below the links section) in order to access the contents of the posting. I'm working on a fix and will hopefully have this resolved soon.

Both MJsmama and HollySprings raised an interesting question: can the posts be categorized based on style, cabinet color, countertop, budget of kitchen, etc.? This would be alot more work, but could be doable if I can get some help setting up the categories (what specific categories should be used, and to what granularity (i.e., granite countertops - or - Golden Juparana granite countertops?). I would also need help categorizing each member's kitchen. Is anybody interested in helping?

If your finished kitchen isn't in the blog, please post it to the gallery and I will add it to the blog.

Please include a description of your choices (cabinets, appliances, countertops, faucets, lighting, etc.) We all want to know where to find the fabulous things you selected!

(For some members I have listed only links, no description. Please either post your description or you can email it to me; I'll add it to the blog.)

Have fun viewing all the beautiful kitchens... and don't stay up too late!!!

Finished Kitchens Blog

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