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Subfloor -3/4 T&G Heart Pine Wide Plank questions

16 years ago

I need help!

Pulled up tile and the 3/4 T&G plywood subfloor in kitchen. Under the 3/4 subfloor is 1/2" plywood subfloor on the joints and there are lots of gaps between the pieces of subfloor. In some cases they they are 1/4". Floor is over a 5 foot crawl space. We ae putting down 3/4" T&G 6" & 8" Heartpine.

1. Is 1/2 plywood enough under 3/4 T&G Heartpine. If not, what should I add?

2. Should I caulk all of the gaps in the 1/2 subfloor? If so, what type of caulk?

3. Should I use red rosin or felt under the 3/4 hardwood floor?

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